Everyday, fashion industry with the changing trends and cheaper products has turned into a shopping spree that ravages the world. Continuous demand brings continuous production. As a result, our nature is facing big risks. We ignore the ecological damage that occurs until the products are sold and if we examine further processes, we see that two thirds of the carbon footprint of a product occurs after the purchase.

”Although we cannot change the world, today we must take a step to impress our environment.“

The concepts of eco-fashion or ecological fashion began to gain importance with the loss of respect for nature day by day and the deterioration of ecological balance. With the collections renewed every two weeks, the steps taken without considering the future of human health and the environment emerge as a big threat in the long term.  Heavy chemicals used in manufacturing, cheap, fast and non-quality production that encourages more consumption and quick-consuming fashion bring unsustainable fashion together. Especially in bag and accessory sector, animals that have never seen the day are slaughtered for this consumption and sometimes some animal generations face the threat of extinction.

“We can find different alternatives for bring the our world more liveable”

Fashion and textile industry constitute a significant proportion of textile wastes in production and consumer use. Fashion is the second most damaging environment in the world and the second largest industry branch in water consumption. Eco-fashion has emerged as a response to these wastes and threats in the fashion industry and has evolved into a stream that aims to live in a better world with the support it receives from all over the world over time.

“Sustainability in fashion is possible …”

In this context, we can define the sustainable fashion that do not threaten the production resources of future generations, manufacturing  without harming the environment, do not affect human health, have recyclable, high quality and timeless designs.

“Monarch Cork is a sustainable and ecelogical fashion brand”