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Produced bag from shell of Cork Oak Tree

“Merve Özmelek, an international trade graduate, graduated from Celal Bayar University and created her own purse brand”

Mantar meşesi kabuğundan çanta üretti

Şefika Bal– In recent years, the development of consumption culture from the best, brought against those who oppose this culture. The brand’s new collections are launched every two weeks instead of the 4 seasons. 28-year-old Celal Bayar University International Trade graduate women entrepreneur Merve Özmelek created her own purse brand. This brand is distinguished from the others for the first time in Turkey, “from the bark of cork oak” is produced and ecologically-sustainable.


Totally Green

Merve Özmelek mentioned that the fabric obtained from the Cork oak bark is waterproof, ecological and lightweight..

At the same time they are obtained from wood bark (from cork oak bark), and there is absolutely no damage to the tree. Because the tree itself is renewed every 9 years and is harvested again. In other words, when we produce our products, there is no harm in nature. In addition, the fabric and other materials we use in our products are also completely environmentally friendly products. We try not to use heavy chemicals in it.

Especially people who have allergens and those who prefer vegan products can use our products with peace of mind. Our products are completely environmental friendly and natural products although light. Because 75 percent of the fungus is composed of air.
It gives people a feeling of comfort when using it because it is light. It is a sustainable material, “he said.

I am an environmentalist

Year of the bag like a friend saw before and the year after that, the first woman in Turkey engaged in the production of bags Merve Özmelek, he told of how established brands.

Women entrepreneurs are often faced obstacles Özmelek indicating an exceeded and that the family by many see support, “I’ve always been an environmentalist human. Hides and skins, I use my life things like fur and using them I find the right. When I encounter this case the production in Turkey I thought I could.

After nearly 2 years of research and investigation, I established the Monarck Cork brand. Cork is the international name of the fabric we use, Monarck is the brand name, “she said.

“I thought a long time about the brand’s name,” said Özmelek, “the name issue I most difficulty and was the logo. Turkey in the production of a product will be the first time ‘Leadership’ sense I think of a name containing. Then both the leadership of both kings throttle means Monarck from Cork and Monarck from Cork.

We also have a worldwide customer base, we are in Izmir and we will create a sales point in Istanbul. We are sending products to America via the Internet, “he said.

Currency affects us

Portugal, Spain and Italy in voicing too much cork from the bark of the products used fabric Özmelek, underlined that more affordable than those produced in Turkey.

Özmelek noted the following words; “Products meet the consumer between XXX 🙂 . Due to ecological, we are trying to avoid excessive consumption and production. We focus on new designs, new timings and timeless and useful parts. The product is very elastic and soft even though it looks like a board from the outside.

We put the fabrics in special solutions that we have prepared and then we are ready for production, so we get very soft products. ”

Özmelek voicing fabrics purchased from abroad, “Like every sector we were also affected by the exchange rate fluctuation. We do not intimidate people with a new meeting and the need to raise the eye because of a brand we can not raise the raise.

We want our customers to be able to buy our products at the most affordable prices while keeping the profit margin quite low, “she said.

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