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Created her own brand

Merve Özmelek, 28, introduced her brand, which she created three months ago with her team, but whose project phase took over a year and a half ago. Many products such as bags and hats are addressed to nature lovers, especially vegans.

‘Monarch Cork is forming brand Merve Özmelek 3 months ago 28-year-old entrepreneur, cork oak tree, as well as overseas products consisting of shell wants to expand in Turkey. Özmelek, who produces products such as bags, hats, jewelry, belts with a team of 6, also emphasized that they aim to enter the shoe industry in time.
Özmelek said that they didn’t do any harm to nature when using the bark, and underlined that their products are used frequently by vegans. “I must do my own profession,” he said that those who need to get rid of these prisons and people who want to produce new things should not be afraid of entrepreneurship Özmelek, “People can be placed in any position offered to the successful and laborious,” he said.
Stating that they contribute to the formation of a new industrial production in Turkey from the brand they have created with Özmelek, youngsters ‘entrepreneurial fear’ until we have discussed many issues. That’s our delightful interview.
Can you introduce yourself and your work to our readers?
I completed my university education in the field of International Trade and Finance. After that, I came into corporate life and I had some work experience in several companies. One day my friend and I crossed. I saw a bag of this fabric.
And since I was a volunteer in the environment, both in my student life and in my personal life, the urge to handle the fabric of the bag came. Because I love nature and animals, I also support most things done to them well.
 I already feed a lot of animals in my own house. I was very excited about the product that I saw as someone who was totally against the cutting of animals in the leather industry and damaging the nature. Then enter the business and products of this product I decided to make a sector in Turkey.
I also received training and studies abroad for a while with the support I received from my friend. We’ve established links to that. These studies took a year. Then we wanted to create a brand. We have started the registration studies.
We examined the product categories. We are currently working with a professional designer. We aimed to make our products look green, friendly and easy to use.
You produce products from Cork oak Tree’s barks. So, what makes you different how the first ones to return to the production and almost Compared with leather products in Turkey?
Even customers who prefer leather products are saying that they are more satisfied when they start using our products. They even share their photos with us. Leather products are damaged by water while our products are waterproof.
It is appreciated for being a green product. At the same time they are obtained from wood bark (from cork oak bark), and there is absolutely no damage to the tree. Because the tree itself is renewed every 9 years and is harvested again. In other words, when we produce our products, there is no harm in nature.
In addition, the fabric and other materials we use in our products are also completely environmentally friendly products. We try not to use heavy chemicals in it. Especially people who have allergens and those who prefer vegan products can use our products with peace of mind. We offer two years warranty to our products. We offer all kinds of support to our customers when there is anything.
We have the opportunity to use our products in different sectors in accordance with the recyclable. We can use the products we use for decoration purposes as well as the industrial sector. Our products are completely environmental friendly and natural products although light.
Because 75 percent of the fungus is composed of air. It gives people a feeling of comfort when using it because it is light. It is a sustainable material.


“In Turkey, it is also far abroad, we decided to expand this business. Especially in Izmir, these trees began to be grown. A few years later, we’il start harvesting. This time we will contribute to the formation of a new industrial production in Turkey, “You said. This is a huge breakthrough. But do you have customers coming with question marks?

We have delivered our products to many parts of the world and we continue to transport. The products have a unique look and texture. It gives you a velvety feel when you lift.

Customers say they are interesting because they find the product different. When buying the first ürün mushroom product is broken in the rain, water will be damaged, stain, whether the cleaning? But it’s easy to clean.

Can be cleaned with practical ways. When you wipe it with a drop of dishwashing detergent, your bag will be restored.

Not affected by water. When you leave it in its own state, it immediately drys and leaves no stains. Much more useful than leather and other bag types. Waterproofing is also a great advantage.

Already we have put special compartments for tablets or phones in backpacks. They can easily use in their daily lives. He can also use it for travel.

You said you made bags, hats, small handbags, wrists, and belts. Will your product range be limited to these or will you work on different products?

We are planning to operate in footwear. We also produce some household products. We also identify the fungus with wine. For this reason, we are planning to improve our product range with small accessories such as materials that can be used next to wine.

However, first of all our customers must be satisfied. That’s why we don’t intend to open up. Yap Let’s do this job full then we can improve the other one ‘.

We want to create products that are both stylish and useful. We are constantly working to improve our product category day by day in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

“Super unique Product”

How long have you been and how many people do you have?

We’ve been here three months. However, the initiative dates back to 1 and a half years ago. The process of research and development is a situation in which the product is to be marketed, nationalizing the product, and seeking to work. In other words, the emergence of the project takes a longer time. We created our own brand after these stages. We have a workshop in Üçyol. A joint workshop. We’re a team of six. But the main team is the customers. We orient ourselves according to the turns.

“Cork products, completely derived from nature, durable products, ler you said. Can you open up a little more?”

When the Cork touches people don’t get much. So let’s explain; Cork products are completely derived from nature, durable products. When you discover these cork products, you don’t want to leave them. Quality products are difficult to obtain. It involves a production process that is hard to produce. There is no equivalent in terms of property in terms of environment. Light, soft, environmentally friendly, recyclable and self-renewable products. Eco-friendly people and products appreciated by vegans. I’m a vegan. Not about food, but about clothing. That’s what I’ve already got into a job like this.

Does the product become expensive to the customer? Or what is your price range? Are you experiencing the disadvantage of the product?
Of course it happens. Because there is the advantage of putting a new product on the market as well as its disadvantage. People don’t know the price range because they don’t have a rival. If you don’t have a new, cheap product on the market, maybe it will attract attention. But the quality and the introduction of a new product brings with it many disadvantages. I’m constantly comparing our own products with leather, but we have nothing to do with our skin. Only in the leather industry is seen as a quality product in terms of quality I compare with the leather. And if we compare them with the price, it’s the same. If we offer our price range, our small handbags are around 100 TL and our backpacks are between 350-400 TL. Our prices are changing according to our product groups. Quality and price are very pale in the world, although we are selling to more reasonable prices in Turkey. If people buy this product from abroad, they will have to give at least twice the price.


We have new graduates. Among them, “We must do our own business,” he said, and other production areas do not prefer not to resist. What would you like to say as an entrepreneur?

The issue of iyor We must do our own profession imizi sounds like a ridiculous idea to me. How many people are going to the university and department that they want? In fact, what constitutes our own profession is our high school and university education. Man’s own profession; his work and pleasure in the results of his work to make him happy and returns to the results of taking him somewhere, to live a peaceful life. Although we do not see his education, we do our job, this is our own business. The more good we are to the Turkish society and the people around us, the more new things we can produce, the more we can make a difference. It’s not right to be stuck in something. There are even transitions within the companies. People may not stay in the same line for years. He can continue as a reporter at the institution he entered as a reporter. When he is brought to a different position, so he will resign and say im it’s not my job Farklı? People can be involved in any position if they are successful and present.

Entrepreneurship is hard work. Young people who want to be entrepreneurs have no fears about it. What would you like to say for incentives?

Merve Özmelek: Entrepreneurship is not easy at all. I cannot say to everyone that em be an entrepreneur H. Of course, entrepreneurship is a very valuable point. But a very difficult journey. So you have to be ambitious. Unlike your normal working life, you are setting up a business yourself. While you are responsible for a certain point of a certain product in advance, you are responsible for every aspect of your own business. You are entirely responsible for the establishment, financing, sales marketing and production of the enterprise. And that’s going to be a big risk. For this, you should try 10 times more than normal running. Of course, the government provides the necessary support to entrepreneurs. But you have to have your own capital to get that support. How much will you be able to withstand a regular income, how much do you trust your business, how much do you trust yourself, and most importantly, what do you want? In short, it is not a profession that everyone can lift. However, Turkey’s needs for different products and people. Be courageous if you believe you can do it!


How do you make your sales, how does it reach the customer?

We sell our products via the Internet. We also provide sales from our website. Working with a few intermediary companies abroad, we provide this way to our foreign customers. We have sales points in Turkey. Apart from these, we are constantly trying to improve our sales channels. But as I said 3 months for a firm a very short time. Maybe you can hear the name of this company in a year.

E-commerce and social media management are also very effective for you. Can you tell us about the power of social media on sales?

Social media is a platform where people spend most of their day with a rising rate. With so much expansion of social media and especially the inclusion of women into working life, consumers’ habits have also changed. Now it is possible to find all the stores and products on a single website instead of shopping and shopping. We, as the Monarch Cork company, attach importance to e commerce and social media management. With social media, a person on the other side of the world in seconds can examine and buy my products. We believe that the largest marketing success of a business is as much as the number of people it can access. For example, if people who know thousands of miles away know my brand, this is the success of our company. In particular, if we need to advise new entrepreneurs, it is impossible and impossible to establish a brand in the new trade order without e-commerce and social media. No matter how perfect your product is, it is very difficult for this product to turn into a sale. Good marketing is the foundation of a company and in this context we must turn marketing tools into an opportunity.

What do you want to say as last words?

Turkey exports all over the world, we provide our products with this brand we created locally. We receive various requests and feedback from all over the world. We, as Monarch Cork, are the biggest advocates of the need to protect the ecological balance.