Otuzbeşlik Magazine – Special Report

Eco-Friendly Products with Monarch Cork

  • Perhaps you never knew this function of the tree bark.
  • Be Ready!!! We’re telling you .
  • These bags are from the tree bark.
  • Anti-allergic, antibacterial and environmentally friendly design bags are produced in Izmir. You’re interested, aren’t you? It is also proud that the women entrepreneur is being made by Merve Özmelek. We met with Merve Hanım in the Otuzbeşlik magazine and we had a warm conversation, enjoyable readings..



The most important features that distinguish this brand from others; first time in Turkey “from the bark of cork oak” is to be produced, is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, lightweight, and is waterproof, have a robust design and is ecological.


So what happens in these products, let’s ask them Merve.

-Dear  Merve, Do you share with us the Monarch Cork product range?

Of course. At Monarch Cork we manufacture necklaces, phone cases, bags, leashes and wristbands. The products also have their own separation. Let’s give an example of bags; Milena Clutch, Liliana Backpack and Amara Handbag models. Product details can be found at this link.


Can you share your story of creating such a conscious brand with us?

Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Uluslararası Ticaret mezunuyum. Hep çevreci bir insandım ve kendi markamı yaratmak istiyordum. Arkadaşımda gördüğüm çanta üzerine bu işi yapmaya karar verdim. İki yıl kadar bir araştırma sürem oldu. Daha önce tekstil ile bir deneyimim olmadı ama ailem de tekstil ile ilgilenen kişiler var o yüzden bir ayağım hep tekstildeydi.


What was the first product of the brand?

-We produced first backpacks then we continued our way with bracelets and necklaces and then we designed leashes for our little friends and finally we turned to technology products.


-It’s very brave to leave a job you’re currently working on and set up your own brand, but I think it’s frightening. Did you have any fears when you created the brand?

It was a difficult process. Once everyone ‘Why?’ he asks. People can be more courageous because they have fewer responsibilities when they are young. I’m lucky, my family and friends have always supported me. My biggest chance was they.



-We said there were wood bark between the products of the products. Are the trees damaged?

No way. Since the products are derived from the bark (from the cork oak bark), the tree is absolutely not damaged, because the bark of the tree renews itself every nine years and can be harvested again. In other words, no damage to nature is done in any production stage of our products.


-Which stages does a product go to be ready for sale?

We import fabrics. We have a designer who lives in Izmir, designs products and our factory is in İzmir. The stitched products are sewn by our master. Then all the products are undergoing quality control.


– Why is the name of Monarch Cork?

Cork; We use the international name of the fabric we use. Monarch is the brand’s name. Monarch also means leadership and we want to lead this field.


– How do you see the power of using social media in your business?

At this point, I find social media useful. We can reach every point of the world. It’s amazing how a man at the end of the world finds you in seconds.



– Can you share with us a life experience that everyone knows about?

Before an entrepreneurship, it is necessary to work in a place that is relevant to that job and to have experience. It’s impossible to manage a firm when you don’t have work experience.


– Is there something you can’t postpone with?

I can say language education. I’d like to improve my Spanish, but I can’t find an opportunity because of the intensity of work.


What are the things that make you feel strong?

Self-confidence and not to give up.

Source Link: https://www.otuzbeslik.com/yazilar/monarch-cork-ile-cevre-dostu-cantalar-mumkun