Thank you for supporting the protection of the ecological balance with the Monarch Cork product you have purchased or you are thinking about purchased.

As Monarch Cork, we use natural cork skin in all of our collections. At the moment, different questions may arise in your mind about the natural cork skin obtained from the bark of oak trees. Because, you’ve never seen a cork used as a skin before. Monarch Cork’s inspiration is that the natural cork skin absolutely not same with the coating material used in shoe heels and cork boards. This natural cork skin is a unique and eco friendly leather recognized by all over the world as the biggest alternative to animal skin.

Let’s get to know

The natural leather that we use in our production is European origin and is obtained from the highest quality harvests with completely natural ingredients.Cork skin is obtained by harvesting the bark of the cork oak tree which can renew itself every nine years. Harvested raw cork barks are left to dry for about six months. After drying, steam and boiling processes are applied to the raw cork barks to give flexibility to the material. Then the barks are sliced ​​into thin pieces and pressed into a natural leather suitable for use. The natural cork skin is obtained simpler than the complex production process of the animal skin and therefore the product does not lose its specific strength.

This natural leather is a unique gift that nature offers us with its unique features.


One of the characteristics you will love about Monarch Cork products is that they are incredibly light. More than 70% of the chemical structure of the cells that make up the cork creates air that makes it very light material. Its weight is only 1.5 g / cm3 and you will not get tired even when carrying heavy items.


We as Monarch Cork guarantee that you can easily use all of our products you purchased in every seasons. Suberin material in the content of the cork, is a rubbery structure chemically makes the cork resistant to moisture and water and creates its own sense of appearance and touch. Natural cork skin is not affected by moisture and water and does not stain when wet. It is the perfect alternative to carry your most valuable items.


If you wear the Monarch Cork bags according to the instructions for use, you will wear it lovely for many years. Cork has a high rate of friction coefficient. Tearing or abrasion is not so easy. Even if you are using a lot, you will not wear it out easily.


The natural cork leather that we use, with its unique rubbery and velvety structure of Suberin, transforms Monarch Cork bags into a unique product. Despite obtained from the tree barks gives you a unique touch feeling when you touched. You will not want to leave from your hand.


Sometimes, many animals are under the risk of extinction to obtain animal skin. We as Monarch Cork, there is no damage to any living creatures in any stage of our production. Cork oak trees produce the highest amount of oxygen in addition to being the most absorbing tree of carbon dioxide gas in nature. Our products from cork oak tree are completely eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable products.

Natural cork skin is used as an alternative skin all over the world, especially in Europe, and it is emphasized that its importance will increase in the future. Let’s take a step today to leave a better world to future generations. We thank you for supporting us by choosing our products in this way we are following the slogan of we love nature..