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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Tote bags, and why are they eco-friendly?
    • Answer: Tote bags are made from eco-friendly materials and they help reduce plastic waste and promote recycling.
  2. Are your tote bags customizable?
    • Answer: Yes, we offer customization options for our tote bags. You can personalize them with your own designs or branding.
  3. What is the difference between canvas and linen tote bags?
    • Answer: Canvas tote bags are typically made from cotton, providing a sturdy and durable option. Linen tote bags, on the other hand, are crafted from linen fibers, known for their breathability and natural elegance.
  4. Do you offer wholesale or bulk pricing for tote bags?
    • Answer: Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders. Please contact our sales team for more information.
  5. How can I care for and clean my tote bag?
    • Answer: Tote bag care instructions vary by material. We provide care guidelines with each product, but generally, you can spot clean canvas and linen bags. RPET bags are often machine washable.
  6. What makes Jute tote bags a sustainable choice?
    • Answer: Jute is a natural, biodegradable fiber that requires minimal water and pesticides for cultivation, making Jute tote bags an eco-friendly choice.
  7. Are your bags made from organic materials?
    • Answer: Some of our bags are made from organic materials like organic cotton. Check the product descriptions for specific details.
  8. Do you ship internationally?
    • Answer: Yes, we offer international shipping. Shipping rates and delivery times may vary depending on your location.
  9. What is the average lifespan of your tote bags?
    • Answer: The lifespan of our tote bags depends on usage and care. With proper care, they can last for several years.
  10. How do your bags contribute to sustainability and the environment?
    • Answer: Our bags promote sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials, recycling, and responsible sourcing. By choosing our products, you support a greener future.
  11. What is the minimum order quantity for customized tote bags?
    • Answer: The minimum order quantity for customized tote bags varies depending on the specific product and customization requirements. Please contact our sales team for details.