Looks as Leather , But It Comes From a Tree


Natural Cork Fashion | We Love Nature!

The story of Monarch Cork is inspired by the excellence of a cork oak tree.  Oak tree can live an average of 250 years and gives a crust in 9 years. These shells are collected by skilled farmers without harming the tree. This harvesting process allows the tree to renew itself and extend the life of the tree. The collected barks are subjected to special processes using natural solutions and combined with natural materials and presented to your taste. In the production stage of this product you have received, no damage to nature has been occured.

Monarch Cork support the protection of ecological balance for a greener WORLD.

Eco-Friendly Tote bags | We Love Nature!

Monarch Textile Production line is one of the leaders in the packaging sector in Turkey which respond to its customer’s needs mainly in Europeans and all around the globe with a variety of designs and material.
Our company produces organic, recycled cotton and canvas bags and nonwoven, PP laminated nonwoven, and PP laminated woven bags. Monarch benefits from high-quality raw materials and well-organized professional staff to provide the optimum quality and with minimum
production time to fulfill our valuable customers.
Monarch Textile concentrated on new technologies to produce innovative products and research and development projects.

We do care about reduction of plastic bags usage and carbon footprint in our daily life

CO2 Reduction


Natural Material

Light But Strong

Fully Waterproof



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